Saturday, 12 October 2019

Short story in the 2019 anthology A Bond Of Words

I am proud to announce that one of my short stories has been accepted into this years collection of short stories by Scout Media.
Please order your copy at the link below
A Bond of Words is the sixth volume in an ongoing short story anthology series featuring authors from all over the world.
“In this installment, the authors delved into multi-genre tales about the importance of, and sometimes the danger of creating bonds with one another. From comedy, to drama, fantasy, romance, and sci-fi, these stories explore the strength or frailty of the bonds we find may define who we are. Tackling racism, death row, a first kiss, marriages, and our unavoidable bond with technology in everyday life, plus a multitude of other topics and unique spins, these stories will warm your heart, send shivers down your spine, and tickle your funny bone.
Whether to be enlightened, entertained, or momentarily immersed in another world, these selections convey the true spirit of the short story and the complexity of the bonds we make with the people and places of the world around us.”
‘Civic Classic Video, Open 24 Hours’ is set in the world of my Amun and Vulk novel series published by Odyssey Books, and reveals the everyday life of monsters in our modern world.
Order your copy of Amun and Vulks first adventure, The Brotherhood of the Dragon at the link below

Unusual for a novel, the anthology also comes with a companion soundtrack – songs chosen by the authors that either inspired or had some direct input into their stories. I’m looking forward to giving this a listen upon ‘A Bond of Words’ release, which should be very shortly.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

A new Amun Galeus and Sebastian Vulk story

The next Amun Galeus and Sebastian Vulk story is available in this boxed set.

“This girl was real trouble!”
When womanising werewolf, Sebastian Vulk, is sent out to investigate the disappearance of Shelby Lydekker from the estate of General Mark McQueen, the last thing he expected was to enter the dark, terrifying world of a supernatural killer. While waiting for his partner, Vulk is attacked, finds the victims left by the murderer, and tries to save the soul of a curly haired vision, seemingly trapped on the estate.
The latest supernatural/historical Amun Galeas and Sebastian Vulk adventure takes part in LA, just after WW2, and shows that some horrors from the war were brought home.

15 authors, a spread of short and novel length stories. The Long Sleep is a noir style murder mystery with a twist, and for .99 cents, how can you go wrong :)

Friday, 8 April 2016

New Review

Just received a new review for the book- and I am one happy vegemite :)

For an avid lover of history and fantasy, I found this book enthralling, witty, entertaining and with so much suspense I finished the book in 6 hours. For anyone who likes the works of Derek Landy, James A. Owen or the original classics this story revolves around (Dracula & Sherlock), you are certainly bound to thoroughly enjoy this book. The characters were fascinating and the continuing twists of the plot ensured I could not put the book down. The graphic imagery certainly drew the reader into the story, and for those of us who have retained our child fascination with blood and guts, it was satisfying to read every axe wielding, violent act. Phil's writing style is unique and the depth of characters and the research completed to ensure the plot was sturdy was fantastic. I would recommend this book to everyone. Kudos to Phil for completing such a wonderful first novel, and I cannot wait until the next book in the trilogy comes out!


Wednesday, 30 March 2016

New review on my first novel, The Order of the Dragon

Just got a really great review by Mike over at Everything Dinosaur-

I hope everyone will go check out his very cool website, it really has everything you could want to know about Dinosaurs.

Monday, 28 March 2016

New article in the Canberra Times

For years I assumed the death pose many dinosaur fossils have been found in was caused by the neck ligaments drying out and shrinking after death- researching this, I found out differently.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Latest Magazine articles

The new issue of The Prehistoric Times has just been released with two articles from yours truly.
The first on the stegosaur, Kentrosaurus, the second on the largest bird to have ever flown, the Argentavis.

First review for 'Order of the Dragon'.

I have just received my very first review for my recently released novel, 'The Order of the dragon'.

You can see the original here:

It is also possible to purchase your own copy here:

More soon :)