Tuesday, 16 August 2016

A new Amun Galeus and Sebastian Vulk story

The next Amun Galeus and Sebastian Vulk story is available in this boxed set.

“This girl was real trouble!”
When womanising werewolf, Sebastian Vulk, is sent out to investigate the disappearance of Shelby Lydekker from the estate of General Mark McQueen, the last thing he expected was to enter the dark, terrifying world of a supernatural killer. While waiting for his partner, Vulk is attacked, finds the victims left by the murderer, and tries to save the soul of a curly haired vision, seemingly trapped on the estate.
The latest supernatural/historical Amun Galeas and Sebastian Vulk adventure takes part in LA, just after WW2, and shows that some horrors from the war were brought home.

15 authors, a spread of short and novel length stories. The Long Sleep is a noir style murder mystery with a twist, and for .99 cents, how can you go wrong :)


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